Kids Shirts 2.25 at Target

This is an amazing deal for those with children or grandchildren. (I’m hoping for the later soon!) Cat and Jack graphic tees from Target are only 2.25! There are tons of different styles to choose from at this price point, why not stock up! Summer is right around the corner and my boys would go […]


Avocados only $0.75

This is a huge deal! I know football season is over, (dang those Patriots!), but avocados are always good. I hear that they’re very good for you and that replacing your bacon and eggs with an avocado will have your heart thanking you! I’m sorry, I don’t know how to link this one but if […]


Water Softening

Hi readers! This is kind of a weird one, but there are great deals going on for those who live in areas with hard water. Robert B. Hill, a manufacturer of commercial and industrial water softeners, is also a delivering salt to soften your water. My husband’s company uses this Robert B. Hill for all […]


Bounty Paper Towels – Huge Deal!

Stock up everyone! Target is having an amazing sale on paper towels. I know my family goes through paper towels like they’re going out of style so I’m going to stock up on this sweet deal. This deal comes with a little bit of a caveat, however. You need to buy three 8 packs and […]


Martha Stewart Towels

Beautiful towels on sale at Macy’s! Normally $20, the towels can be bought this week only for only $6.99. This is an online only deal, so you’ll have to pay for shipping, but the deal is solid and these towels are wonderful. Get the deal here! The towels come in a variety of colors and […]